Having a Tarot reading – what to expect

How does a Tarot reading work?

I sometimes think there are as many different ways of reading the cards as there are Tarot readers! But there are some fundamentals common to most Tarotists.

If you book a reading you can expect some or all of the following

  • Questions – Tarot works best when you ask the right kind of question – I’ll help you find what you want to focus your reading on
  • Shuffling and concentrating – I’ll ask you to choose one or more cards, depending on the kind of reading and the length of time we’ve agreed.
  • Storytelling – I’ll walk you through the cards you’ve selected, their symbolism and tales, how they combine together and what patterns I can pick out.
  • Interaction – if you want to sit quietly and listen, I’m happy to just tell the story. But Tarot works best with some give and take – listen to what I say and make it work for you. Suggest alternative ideas. Disagree if you need to! It’s your story, not mine!
  • Honesty – I won’t sugar-coat what I read and if I can’t make any sense of the cards, I’ll tell you. Whatever truths I see set out, I’ll share with you.
  • Confidentiality – What gets said in a reading, stays in a reading.

No, I mean how does Tarot work?

Whether you see Tarot as a kid of inkblot test or believe there’s something genuinely mystical going on, thinking of a query (or not!), mixing the cards into a random order and laying them out in a particular pattern is a kind of ritual. Rituals are helpful. They put us in a reflective state. They focus our attention and damp down the incessant background chatter of our worries and desires.

I’m fascinated by how Tarot can help people navigate personal, professional and decision making challenges. When I read, I use the insight developed through my thirty-plus years study of Tarot, organisational psychology, astrology, myth, senior management experience and my own spiritual practice to interpret the story the cards have for you as honestly and clearly as I can.

The way I read Tarot won’t tell you if a tall, dark stranger is on their way to sweep you off your feet. But it can provide rich, surprisingly detailed insights into how to put your life in order and be ready for when that stranger arrives. 

I believe that, if nothing else, Tarot is a kind of machine for making meanings for our lives. You could think of every Tarot reading as being a piece of creative art where we work together to construct something meaningful and useful out of this remarkable, ancient book of images. The symbols of of the Tarot are hardwired into our cultural DNA – at the very least, we react to them and try to make them make sense.

Intrigued? Enquire about booking a reading or read on for more information.