Ethics and legal

I am a Tarot reader. I’ll listen to your questions and tell whatever story the Tarot offers in response as honestly and clearly as I can. But what you make of it is up to you – legally, Tarot is a form of entertainment. A profound, life-affirming and dynamic form of entertainment but, while many people find it therapeutic in a non-clinical sense, it is not therapy. I’m not offering counselling, legal advice or any other professional service of that kind.
With that in mind, please note that:
• I will not read a second time for the same person within three months – give yourself time to things unfold and make good use of whatever insights you gather
• I won’t make predictions about death or recommendations about your health beyond ‘go and see a doctor if you feel unwell.’
• I won’t read for anyone under the age of 18. If you book through Facebook or similar, I’ll check. This is for both your protection and mine.
• I don’t give advice – I help you identify choices. That’s the job of the cards. Making the choice? That’s your job
• I am a deep, forbidden lake – what you tell me, stays with me.

If you have any questions, do get in touch and ask.