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Payment for all services is by PayPal in advance only. Use the form below to make a booking – please provide a range of possible times and pay AFTER I’ve confirmed the availability of a slot.

Written Tarot readings via email

Useful for quick questions where you want a ‘second opinion’, learning something about tarot or just dipping you toe in the water!

Three cards, diagnosis and action. Book through the form below – £12.

Five cards, diagnosis, recommended action and ‘do this – don’t do this’ cards. Again, book via the form please – £15.

I Ching readings

An I Ching reading provides a deep, focused, but surprisingly concrete look into your inner life and its relationship to any major changes or decisions. A 500 word reading answering a quick question (generating a hexagram using the coins method) costs £15.

A more considered reading delivering a 1000 word written answer costs £25.

In depth one-to-one Tarot sessions – face-to-face and video conferencing

The best readings happen when reader and client can sit down together and interact with the cards, generating a three way conversation. This really roots the reading in your needs, your inner life and your story. I prefer to work at least an hour with someone on a reading but can do half an hour if needed. I use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, telephone, email, in person (if you live in or near London SW9/SW2 and we can find a COVID-19 friendly way to meet) or even by good old fashioned snail mail.

If convenient, I’ll sent a picture of the spread I’ve cast so you can easily follow the progress of the reading.

Thirty minutes consultation – £30

One hour consultation – £50

One and a half hours – £75

Do also review the Ethics & Legal and What To Expect sections. 

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